SSL Installation Service

In today's digital landscape, website security is a top priority, and SSL certificates play a vital role in this. While free SSL certificates, such as those offered by Let's Encrypt, are widely used and can be easily installed via hosting panels, they may not be the best choice for e-commerce sites or others involving financial transactions. Purchasing a more robust certificate is advisable, but installing it with the correct DNS settings, CSR, key, and chain data can be complex.

Sri Lanka Hosting's SSL Installation Service is designed to address these complexities. We ensure your website is fully secure, meeting modern browser security standards and avoiding the risks associated with the "Not Secure" warning. Our service, available under both Linux and Windows Server Management plans, guarantees that your website's SSL setup is optimal, so you can focus on your business without worrying about security concerns.

We support free SSL installation under our Linux Server Management and SSL installation for windows under the Windows Server Management plan.

Installation Fee

Rs.6000 / Website

Rs.12000 - 50% Off

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  1. SSL Order on behalf of the customer
  2. Generating CSR and setting up customer data
  3. Private Key validation and configuration
  4. Certificate validation and issuing/re-issuing certificate
  5. Installing certificates in servers like Apache, Nginx servers and Jira, etc
  6. Importing ssl certificates in postman
  7. SSL installation on Bitnami wordpress aws service
  8. Geotrust, Opensrs, Godaddy, Linode SSL installation service
  1. Cloudflare Origin CA certificate configuration for Cloudflare enabled websites
  2. Troubleshooting chain validation errors
  3. Let’s Encrypt SSL management including auto-renew setup.
  4. SSL renewing and switching
  5. Add ssl certificate to iis
  6. EC2 ssl certificate installation
  7. SSL installation on ubuntu
  8. SSL installation support on centos

Bring Your Own SSL Certificate

Our specialized service ensures proper installation and configuration on both Linux and Windows servers, providing the highest level of security and reliability for your online platform.

Domain Validation SSL

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Business Validation SSL

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Extended Validation SSL

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Multi-Domain SSL certificates

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Wildcard SSL certificates

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Multi Wildcard SSL Certificates

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SSL Supported by 99.6% of browsers and Mobile Devices

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