Cloud POS System

for small & medium businesses in Sri Lanka.
Cloud POS is an easy to use,Cloud based POS and Inventory solution.Works on your computer or touch screen POS systems

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Helping Your Small Business Grow

Our cloud based billing,inventory & financial solutions help you manage your small business from anywhere .

Local support to help you every step of the way.Your data is highly secure and backed up regularly with our cloud .

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Perfect Cloud POS System for Most Retail / Wholesale stores

supermarket slh
Super Markets
Cashier billing,Batch number,Barcode Scaning,Weight Scale
phone shop slh
Phone Shops
Product Warranty,Purchase Payments,Product variations,Billing
pharmacy slh
Product Expiry,Lit Numbers,Quick Billing & Payments Reports
reseller slh
Clothing Stores
Purchasing,Product inventory,Returns,Cashier Billing,Barcodes
KOT,Manufacturing,Food Product,Biling
hardware reseller slh
Product Warranty,Purchase Payments,Product variations,Billing
electronic slh
Product Expiry,Lit Numbers,Quick Billing & Payments Reports
retail shop slh
Retail Shops
Purchasing,Product inventory,Returns,Cashier Billing,Barcodes

Based ON Strategic Experiences and Visual Appeal

A One of a Kind and Powerful Software Suite for running your entire bussiness

  • Easily Manage Your Own Bussiness With ServerClub Cloud POS
  • Acccess from various Devices
  • Perfect for Operations Ecommers and Finance
  • End-to-end fully customizable
  • Clean,ad-free System
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Proposed system Features


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  • Multiple Busineses with Store customer information, track purchase history, and personalize marketing efforts.
  • Multiple Busineses locations,Store Fronts, Warehouses
  • Set Currency,Time Zone, Financial Year, Profit Margin,tax registration details and more options
  • Process sales transactions using smartphones or tablets for flexibility.


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  • Single & Variable Products
  • Enable/disable Stock Management and Add Brands, Category,Units,Tax Rates, Group Taxes
  • This system offers low stock and expiry alerts to keep track of inventory levels and ensure timely restocking. It supports both predefined and auto-generated SKUs for product identification
  • Import product CSV, and much more


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  • Conveniently add, edit, delete, view, and print purchase records, including purchase returns. It supports multiple payment options, enabling customers to pay in full or partially for their purchases
  • Payment reminders
  • Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Charges
  • Upload purchase document and Quick Add Products in purchase screen


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  • Manage Credit, Paid & Partially paid sales with Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Charges and sales return
  • Improved POS to save time( no page reload, FullyAjax) and also, provide easy Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Payment options- Cash, CC, Cheque, Bank Transfer
  • System enables businesses to quickly add customer information during sales and track commissions for sales made through agents or representatives.


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  • Allows businesses to add contacts as suppliers, customers, or both, providing a comprehensive view of the business's network.
  • Pay Terms & payment alerts
  • Detailed Payment details with Detailed Purchases & Sell transactions


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  • Offers advanced user management with roles and permissions, allowing businesses to assign specific roles to users and control their access within the system.
  • Also supports assigning business locations to different roles for proper access and control based on user responsibilities.
  • Add cashier for business location, and manage Staff Salary and expenses


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  • Powerful reports with filters & charts
  • Profit & Loss report, Purchases & Sell report, Stock reports, Trending product report, Tax reports, Expenses reports, Suppliers & Customers report, Cash Registers reports, Salesperson report etc.
  • Supports Barcode Scanner, Thermal Printer (ESC/POS)


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  • provides SMS and email notifications to keep customers and users informed about important updates. Additionally, it offers an interactive dashboard that displays overall shop details and charts, providing a comprehensive overview of sales, inventory, and other key metrics in a visually appealing format.
  • Stock Adjustments, Expenses management, Cash Register
  • Fully Customise invoice layout, barcode settings.

Terms And Conditions

  • User data are backed up by an automated system daily from our end
  • Allocating Admin privileges in the system only business owners will get the login We agreed to pay the attention to the customer all the time and support on call for all the matters lifetime
  • System features will not be customized in this chosen package
  • Company will be charged an additional cost for all visits to the customer’s business premises, the cost will be decided according to the distance
  • Free 3 training sessions are given by the company to train staff and other people who involve in the business process with POS, additional training is charged with Rs.3000/= per training duration of the two-hour session

Service Suspension

    If the customer is not paid the yearly subscription on time the services will be suspended after a week time, so the customer has a two weeks of grace period to set off his/her yearly subscription if the customer pays the yearly fee again, we are activating his/her all the services.


    Refunds are not available for this package

Customer Data Privacy

    Ensuring customer data privacy is our top priority. We take full responsibility for safeguarding and protecting the personal information of our customers.
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What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Service
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“ Thank you SriLanka Hosting ”
Thank you SriLanka Hosting. You have done excellent job. Super team... anyone can trust them. Thank you all for your great support. Specially for Thanoj... he dedicated to his service untiringly... Have a progressive future to you all... Highly recommended...

Hiranthi Liyanaarachchi | 2023-06-30

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“ Exceptional Support - A Hosting Company that Truly Cares! ”
I cannot express enough how delighted I am with the support provided by SriLanka Hosting. Firstly I want to give thanks to "Mr.Pardeep". They have truly set a new standard for customer service in the hosting industry. From day one, my experience with...

AlphaQ | 2023-07-18

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“ Best place for hosting plans ”
Professional team with all kind of solutions. I'm a regular customer of SriLanka hosting since 2019 as I remember. Now days I'm hosting some custom web applications via plesk pannel. Since they have good technical + finance team, all kind of works becomes easy. Always responsive. I resolved all o...

Suresh Hemal | 2023-07-17

Payment Options

  • Online Payments (Recommended only through My Account)

    1. Use your Credit Card (VISA / Master) to make payments online through My Account
    2. Paypal
    3. Stripe
    4. iPay
    5. Lanka QR
    6. American Express
    7. Discover
    8. Diners Club

  • Cash Deposits

  • You can make CASH deposits to any Sampath Bank branch. Account details are given below:

    Account Number: 116114023727
    Account Name: (Private) Limited
    Bank Name: Sampath Bank
    Bank Branch: Bibile

    Note: Please mention the generated ORDER REFERENCE as the REFERENCE in the bank deposit slip.

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