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SSL certificates protect all sensitive and private data transferring via websites and online systems. SSL certificates gain trust from end-customers and boost sales by increasing conversions. Certificates help to get higher ranking positions since Google added SSL certs to its algorithm. Sri lanka Hosting SSL provides all possible SSL certificates available on the market, starting with Domain validation till Extended validation certs.

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Get a Domain Validation SSL certificate within just 5 minutes using our friendly and automated system. No paperwork, callback or company required.
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We sell digital certificates from leading certificate authorities for more than 10 years.

Domain Validation SSL

Domain Validation SSL certificates are the essential products we offer. They do not require any business/organization verification and no paperwork involved, any individual, a sole trader may get it in minutes for as low as $5.39 per year. Use DV certs to protect small websites and non-e-commerce platforms. Google booster enabled for all certs.

Starting at Rs.1600 per year

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Business Validation SSL

Ensure your visitors can check your business name, address and verified organization number by ordering Business Validation SSL certificates. OV/BV certificates build high trust level, help increase conversions and protect every single bit of information transferred via your website. Make sure your business protected.

Starting at Rs.7000 per year

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Extended Validation SSL

Extended validation SSL certificate the only products equipped with Green Address Bar with your verified company name inside. Visitors instantly points attention to Green Bar. That are the most trusted certs we provide. Statistics show that EV certs may increase sales conversions up to 17,3%. Be patient as it takes 5-7 working days to pass the validation process.

Starting at Rs.18900 per year

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Multi-Domain SSL certificates

It is possible to protect up to 250 SAN items with Multi-Domain SSL certificates. Each SAN element can be used for a domain as well as for sub-domains. Now, you can protect all your corporate websites, mail servers or any other pages/systems with only one powerful SSL certificate. UCC/SAN SSL certificates have complete compatibility with MS Exchange servers.

Starting at Rs.6500 per year

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Wildcard SSL certificates

Wildcard SSL certs are great cost-savers as protect unlimited sub-domains within the base domain. You can secure all your secondary pages like client area, order process or any other sub-domains. Most Wildcard SSL comes with unlimited server licensing, and it is possible to install them on all your servers and devices. Use our comparison tool to find the best solution for your project.

Starting at Rs.16200 per year

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Multi Wildcard SSL Certificates

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is a very unique product allowing to protect multiple domains with unlimited sub-domains. Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL from Sectigo (Comodo CA) was the first SSL with full support for SAN and Wildcard option. Now it is possible to secure unlimited sub-domains under different domain names with the same SSL. By default, SSL comes with one common name (CSR) and 2 SAN items.

Starting at Rs.40200 per year

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What are SSL certificates?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the popular name for Transport Layer Security (TLS), a standard security protocol that establishes encrypted links between a web server and a browser, ensuring that all communication that occurs between them remains encrypted and therefore private. Millions of websites use SSL to protect credit card numbers, data transfer, login pages, and browsing on websites of all sorts, including blogs and social media sites. Not only does enabling HTTPS on websites provide consumer trust that the website is legitimate and is safe for browsing and transactions, but it has now been mandated by leading browsers such as Google Chrome. Websites without SSL display a ‘Not secure’ warning in Chrome's address bar.

The growth of global websites, mobile, and internet connected devices has also expanded the use of SSL well beyond just ecommerce. Anyone who needs to securely share data between devices over the internet requires one of these digital certificates. Common uses include:

  • Online credit card transactions
  • Web forms and customer logins
  • Email servers and webmail applications
  • Corporate communication through intranets, file sharing, extranets, and internal servers
  • Cloud based platforms and virtualized applications
  • File transfer over ftp
  • Data transfer to and from mobile devices

Compare Business Validation SSL

Our SSL store offers Business validation certificates from Sectigo, Symantec, Thawte and GeoTrust certificates. The wide range of certs would fit any of your needs. Use our detailed tool to compare SSL certificates to find the proper SSL certificate quickly, even if you are not an advanced Internet user.

Validation methods
Domain ownership check via email
Business Documents check
Green address Bar
Average Issuance time for SSL7 minutes3 days4-7 days
Customer’s Trust level
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SSL Supported by 99.6% of browsers and Mobile Devices


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