Step 1: Order Business Email Solution. (If you have already purchased a package, please skip this step.)

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Step 2: Update your Mail DNS records from domain registrar’s settings (If you have already completed setting up your domain with email DNS records, please skip this step)

  1. Sign into your account at your domain registrar. (Domain Provider’s Control Panel)
  2. Look for the section where you can update your MX records. It may be under Advanced Settings, DNS Management or Mail Settings.
  3. Delete your existing MX records.
  4. Enter the new DNS records for the CloudMail servers. 2 In the TXT record, enter the personal TXT record provided to you during the setup process.
    • Find CloudMail DNS records from New Account Information email or Under the Business Email Solution Product in the Client Area.
  1. Save your changes.
  2. Once CloudMail setup completed and confirm it, it may take a few minutes before your DNS saved changes can be propagated and verified.
  3. To check that your domain and addresses are set up with CloudMail, sign into WebMail Client and, try your email sending and receiving.
  4. Check your updated DNS records for errors and try again.

* If your registrar doesn’t support “@”, enter your domain name as the host. If your registrar doesn’t support quotes or trailing periods in the record values, enter the value without quotes or trailing periods. TTL should be set to 3600 seconds or 1 hour.

Step 3: Create your business email addresses.

2.1 – How to login CloudMail Management Panel:

2.2 – How to Create Business Email Account –

Step 4: Login your email accounts. (Using Webmail Access)

Guide For Web Mail Access – Log into Webmail – Knowledge Base (

Step 5: Setting business email for client apps. (Outlook, Android, IOS, Thunderbird.etc)

Refer these CloudMail knowledgebase articles to manually set up your CloudMail accounts in your email client apps.

Looking for webmail access? Your business email service is available through the browser login.