Sri Lanka Hosting Service offers an auto-credit option for users who are paying for services using their credit balance. This service also enables users to purchase Pay-As-You-Go packages for periods longer than one month by automatically deducting credits from their wallet. These credits can then be used to renew invoices without requiring any additional enrollment.


  • Allow users to enable automatic credit usage on invoices of specific services only.
  • Notify user when the credit applied to the invoice is not enough to pay it.
  • Display auto-credit status in services details page.

How To Enable Auto Credit option for your Service?

First, Login to your Client area from our website or here: Login – SriLanka Hosting

There are 3 ways to locate the Auto Credit in client area.

  1. Billing Area
  2. Client Info Area
  3. On the Product/Service details window

From Billing Area

Go to Billing -> Auto Credit Usage Settings

From Client Info Area

Go to User -> Auto Credit Usage Settings

From Product/Service details window

  1. Locate your Service/Product from Services → My Services

  1. Go to the details of the product

  1. Locate Autocredit Usage section in product details and select Edit

Auto Credit Management

Inside the Autocredit window, you can choose what are the products that you can use your credits for (Domain/Hosting) and separate credit activation action.

Select the appropriate product that you need to use the credit and select activate/turn off to use this feature. 

That’s all!