1. Downloading and Installation 

– PuTTY is a free software application for Microsoft Windows operating systems that can be used to make an SSH connection to your server. You can download the application at  //www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html

– Install Putty Software to your C:\WINDOWS folder.

– If you want to make a link to PuTTY on your desktop:

— Open the C:\WINDOWS folder in Windows Explorer.
— Right-click on the putty.exe file and select Send To > Desktop

2. Configurations

– Double-click on the putty.exe program or the desktop shortcut to launch the application. 

– Enter your connection settings: 

— Host Name: enter IP of your server

— Port: 22 (leave as default)

— Connection Type: SSH (leave as default)

– Click “Open” to start the SSH session.

– If this is your first time connecting to the server from this computer, you will see the following output. Accept the connection by clicking “Yes”. 

– Once the SSH Connection is open, you should see a terminal prompt asking for your username. Your server’s root username is “root”.

– Next, enter your password. You can find it in the Client Area. Please note that you will NOT see your cursor moving, or any characters typed, when typing your password. This is a standard PuTTY security feature. After you typed it in hit enter. 

– Congratulations! You are now logged into your server with SSH.

VNC for connecting to Linux KVM & OpenVZ Servers

Srilanka Hosting, Note that VNC connection is only for extra cases such as if you misconfigured your server and lost network interface and you are unable to connect to the server via SSH or RDP. For such cases, we provide alternative connections using VNC for fixing all issues on the server to restore SSH and RDP connection options. 

Getting Needed data

To connect to the server via VNC you will need:

– IP of the node where your server is;
– An exclusive port is assigned for your server;
– Password for VNC.

All this can be found in Clients Area on your server management panel. 

Connecting to VNC

Now as you have all the needed data you can connect to the server via VNC. For this, you need a VNC client. We recommend using one of these:


After you install VNC client open it and in the address bar enter:


For example:


And press connects, you will be asked for a password, enter the password of your VNC which you found in the Client Area. That’s it, you connected to the server via VNC.