With Plesk’s data backup and restore features, you can:

  • Manually backup the configuration of your reseller account and all customer accounts, including website content, mail content, databases, and more.
  • Schedule automated backups of selected content at a specified interval.
  • Restore configuration and content from any previously created backup file.

The table below outlines the information stored in backups that include only configuration, and those that include both configuration and content.

What is backed upWhat is included
Reseller’s configuration Reseller’s personal settings
Service plans and subscriptions
Settings and configuration of customer accounts, sites, databases, mailboxes, mailing lists.
SSL/TLS certificates.
DNS information.
Reseller’s configuration and contentAll of the above, plus:
Web sites’ content.
Emails’ content.
Mailing lists’ content.
Databases’ content.
Logs and statistics.
Custom error pages.